Book Releases

Nigia’s New Releases! Check here for a full list of new writing from the author.

” The attractive man on the 72nd floor had watched my nest for three weeks. He’s seen me naked through his telescope, mouth agape; he’s watched me fly. He needs his spyglass to observe me.
My eyes are sharp so, I noticed him without aid. I wonder what caught his attention, what drew him to me? My dark form and blue wings are almost invisible against the velvet of evening. ”

An excerpt from “Kiss The Sky” a new short story for .99 at Amazon. Continue reading

The Journey Of Art And Writing

The journey of my art combined with “Blood Sutra”, the story I’m writing, has taken me on a wild inner ride. In lectures, books and on line research, I’ve touched on the spiritual history of Tibet, India, and old Japan. America is the modern thread in the skein now via Hawaii and California. I’m feeling blissed out by it all. Continue reading